NGST0680 Decals for kits 68 & 69 (NGSK0680 & 0690)

Product code: NGST0680

This sheet contains markings for kit 68 (POA). Enough for 3 wagons in any of the two styles of Tiger logo, Yeoman Y, ARC, and NACO lettering, with 10 different numbers.

The sheet also covers kit 69, the Limpet conversions (MKA) of these wagons. As they were not repainted when converted the remains of the previous POA ARC or Tiger logos were often still visible. There are decals sufficient for 3 wagons and 10 different numbers. In addition there are markings for some rarer codes such as ZKA and SKA, and branding for when transferred to Intercity, Transrail, and EWS.

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Brand NGS Decals
Product Code NGST0680