NGST0620 Decals for kit 62 (NGSK0620)

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These containers were painted maroon with cream lettering until 1956, then crimson with cream lettering until 1960, and then bauxite with white lettering.

Centre left was the running number (the start of which was the container type code) and above it the weight and capacity in imperial units, then above that the same information in metric. Around 1963 two white boxes were put around the imperial and metric information. The two boxes were not quite the same size and not always aligned with each other.

The end with doors had the running number high up on the left-hand door, there was no number on the other end.

Originally the containers had "British Railways" across the sides, but in 1963 the new 'door to door' branding was introduced, with these words on the sides together with the 'Flying Crate' hexagonal logo. The words 'British Railways were moved to the top of the block of metric information and the 'I' symbol that had been above this was moved to the side.

Later, maintenance information started to appear part way up the left- or right-hand side, and later still in a box on the right.

On the top right was a panel where posters indicating the goods being carried were sometimes pasted (these are not on the decal sheets).

The upper image is the new (February 2020) Railtec sheet NGST0620.

The lower image is the old Modelmaster sheet NGST0621. 
This sheet contains Decals for BD containers and Conflat wagons, but not for the type A containers.  While stocks last it remains available at a reduced price for any modeller who might wish to use it.

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Product Code NGST0620
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