NGST0250 Decals for discontinued kit 25

Product code: NGST0250

These decals were for discontinued NGS Kit 25, which represented the 16T mineral wagons built in 1975 on redundant Palbrick underframes. They differed from other 16T mineral wagons in being a foot longer and having a 10 ft wheelbase. They were unusual in being vacuum fitted.

If required, these decals could be used to vary the livery of existing kits or r-t-r models.

Each sheet contains:

20 pairs diagonal white stripes;
10 pairs solid black squares;
5 pairs white squares;
5 pairs white TOPS panels with different running numbers of each of:
       ‘COAL 16VB’, ‘MCV’, ‘MXV’ and ‘ZHV’
20 pairs of black panels with white text that appear to be identical. The text  may be simulated rather than actual.

So one sheet will do 5 wagons if a specific TOPS code is required, or up to 20 wagons if mix and match is acceptable.

Brand NGS Decals
Product Code NGST0250