NGST0230 Additional decals for kit 23 (NGSK0230) and kit 29 (NGSK0290)

Product code: NGST0230

Decals for this kit are available on ModelMaster page 'Pre-1948 PO Wagons Sides (click to go to page).

The Society also recommends 'Robbies Rolling Stock' as a source for a variety of suitably sized PO transfers for this kit.

NGST0230 is not a complete livery sheet in itself, but carries the extra markings that BR added to PO wagons when they were taken over in 1948.  These are also suitable for kit 29, and for any r-t-r PO wagons.

Over half a million PO wagons were requisitioned in 1939. When these were transferred to BR in 1948 they simply had new markings painted on top of the existing P.O. livery, which by then was in poor condition, having not been repainted for at least 9 years.

A running number starting P (allocated sequentially as they turned up) and the tonnage was added lower left, the tare weight lower right. If they had end doors a diagonal stripe was painted on that end, and if they had bottom doors a V symbol on the side door. If the existing livery was black or dark red the numbers were painted on directly, more often they were put on a black patch.

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Brand NGS Decals
Product Code NGST0230