NGST0180 Decals for kit 18 (NGSK0180)

Product code: NGST0180
Each sheet contains enough markings for at least three twin-pack kits for each era (grouping, early BR, late BR, Departmental use).

However, please note the following corrections:

The set of decals labelled D1663 are mostly numbers for D1664 (ventilated end) and D1676 (no vents).

D1832A is a variant that can be built from the kit but is not mentioned in the instructions: 9ft chassis, planked sides, and corrugated ends with vents. Most of them were unfitted.

D2039 were identical to D1897 but built later, during the war.

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Brand NGS Decals
Product Code NGST0180
Weight 0.009kg