NGS Shop - Ex-Modelmaster Transfers & Etched Number/Name Plates

(December 2022) We have now reached a position where we are able to re-offer some of our remaining ex-MMT stock for sale.  First items are shown below - more will follow in due course.
Please note, however, that 'when it's gone, it's gone' - as and when items sell out they will be removed from the listings.

Please also note that ex-MMT items will not be dispatched from the same address as Society items, so please don't combine them with orders for Society products.

P&P CHARGES. Prices shown on this site, both for ex-ModelMaster transfers and for etched brass number/name plates, include p&p. For this reason, and because they are despatched from a separate location to Society products, please keep orders for ex-MMT items separate from NGS items. Thanks!

Most of the available transfers are waterslide, but a significant
minority are of the dry print/rub down variety.