Modelmaster Transfers and Plates

Modelmaster transfers and plates

Original posting:  due to our volunteer's ongoing health problems, together with the lack of viable alternatives due to current circumstances, we are temporarily suspending this order facility.
We are investigating possible ways of getting orders already placed out to those members awaiting them, and will advise further as soon as possible.
5th February 2021:  an email containing the latest update has been sent to all members who have placed orders since this facility was made available in October 2020.
28th February 2021:  A new volunteer has come forward, and as soon as we can get the stocks moved to him, Covid regulations permitting, he will be able to make a start on the backlog of orders and, as soon as possible thereafter, the remainder of the Modelmaster stocks will again be made available for purchase.
February 2022: Further to the above posting, the stocks have been moved and the order backlog cleared, but the task of sorting through the number of Modelmaster items has proved to be much larger and more time-consuming than was envisaged.  We hope to be in the position to make stocks vailable for purchase soon.