Kit 72. PTA/JTA/JUA Iron Ore Tippler (NGSK0720)(5-pack)

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Ex TPM kit.

Click to see building instructions.  (N.B. The instructions tell you to add 2 ladders, but in fact the wagons only ever had one, on the opposite side to the side with the air brake equipment.)

N.B. This kit is made available in packs of five, in line with the minimum rake in which the wagons normally ran.

Also included is a supplementary etch containing ten correctly smaller brake wheels and ten etched ladders to substitute for the plastic ones.  (To obtain separate etches use the 'Sundry Payment' option - £1.50 per etch plus £1 p&p for up to five etches.)

Decals not included, but available at 'NGS Decals', items NGST0720-0725 (click to go to page).  Six different livery sheets, catering for various liveries carried at different times.

Brand NGS Kits
Product Code NGSK0720
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