Kit 10. GWR/BR Mica Meat Van (NGSK0100)

Product code: NGSK0100

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(Eras 2-4)

Kit pictures show three versions of the MICA B

This kit makes either a Mica ventilated meat van (no additional letter), or the Mica B ventilated and insulated meat van, or the later conversion to Tevan (no roof hatch or hand rails like the plain Mica). It does not make a Mica A (unventilated, insulated) van; it is possible to turn it into one by removing the vents and replacing them with planking but that is a fair bit of kit bashing. The decals are therefore for the Mica, Mica B, and Tevan.

Decals for this kit are available under 'NGS Decals ', item NGST0100 (click to go to page).

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Brand NGS Kits
Product Code NGSK0100
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