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Wednesday 30-Sep-2020
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As well as the 200-plus page Members' Handbook, another of the key benefits of membership of the NGS is our full colour N Gauge Journal, which is posted to you six times a year (but see ** below).  Because of this, our membership rates consist of:
  • Annual subscription
  • Annual postage contribution (overseas)
  • One off joining fee for the first year only
    (includes contribution, where applicable, towards
    postage overseas of your new member's pack)
  • Handbook A5 ringbinder, if required (handbook is pre-drilled), available to new
    applicants at usual Shop price but with no additional p&p charge

** If you prefer to receive an electronic copy of the journal via the net, rather than a hard copy through the post, see here on our main website for further information.

See the table below for the inclusive total cost.
New member only  1 year   3 years 
UK  £21 £51
Europe  £32 £78
RoW  £38 £88
Add family member(s)  +£2 +£6
 Add Handbook ringbinder  +£5 +£5
From the list below, select:
  1. Your region (UK, Europe or Rest of the World)
  2. Your membership period (1 or 3 years)
One the next page you will be able to select
  1. Optional family member(s) (+£2.00 per annum)
  2. Optional Handbook ringbinder (+£5.00 including postage)
The optional family member(s) fee is not per person, but covers up to four
family members resident at the same address as the primary member.
New Member 1 yr - UK
From: £21.00
New Member 3 yrs - UK
From: £51.00
New Member 1 yr - Europe
From: £32.00
New Member 1 yr -   RoW
From: £38.00
New Member 3 yrs - RoW
From: £88.00

           Telephone : +44 (0) 151 606 4561 (Please remember we are volunteers on UK time!)