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Saturday 23-Oct-2021
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As well as the 200-plus page Members' Handbook, another of the key benefits of membership of the NGS is our full colour N Gauge Journal, which is posted to you six times a year (but see * below).  Because of this, our membership rates consist of:
  • Annual subscription
  • Where applicable, annual postage contribution for hard copy journals sent by mail (overseas)
  • One off joining fee for the first year only (includes contribution, where applicable, towards postage overseas of your new member's pack)
  • Handbook A5 ringbinder, if required (handbook is pre-drilled), available to new
    applicants at usual Shop price but with no additional p&p charge

*If you opt to receive an electronic copy of the journal via the net, rather than a hard copy through the post, see here on our main website for further information.
^UK members opting to receive E-journals will currently have their membership periods extended by 2 months per year (i.e. 14 months for 1-yr renewal, 42 months for 3-yrs renewal).  However, w.e.f. end April 2021, this arrangement will cease, and at the end of June, following additional Covid-induced increases in postage rates, a small annual postage contribution will be introduced for UK members opting to receive their journals by post.  Overseas postage contributions will also increase at the same time.

See the table below for the inclusive total cost.

Membership period 1 year 1 year 3 years 3years
Journal format   hard copy         E-jnl         hard copy          E-jnl      
UK £21 £21 £51 £51
Europe £32 £24 £78 £54
Rest of the World £38 £28 £88 £58
Add family member(s) +£2 +£2 +£6 +£6
  Add Handbook ringbinder +£5 +£5 +£5 +£5

From the list below, select:

  1. Your region (UK, Europe or Rest of the World)
  2. Your required journal format (hard copy by post, or E-journal)
  3. Your membership period (1 or 3 years)
One the next page you will be able to select
  1. Optional family member(s) (+£2.00 per annum)
  2. Optional Handbook ringbinder (+£5.00 including postage)

The optional family member(s) fee is not per person, but covers up to four family members resident at the same address as the primary member.

           Telephone : +44 (0) 151 606 4561 (Please remember we are volunteers on UK time!)