BR 1948-68 Freight Stock Decals

Product code: MMT059

For kit 21, the following sheet may also be utilised: MMT060 BR/SR VentilatedVans F&U (NGS Kit 21)(2600).

Also of interest, for possible additional markings for Society kits:
MMT066 'Shark' Eng Brake Vans (yellow&white)(2666)  (kit 22); 
MMT068 BR 21t&24½t Steel Mineral Wgns F&U (2608)  (kit 19);
MMT070 BR Steel Ore & Sand Tipplers F&U (2610)  (kit 64)
MMT076 BR 'Shocvans',Open Shock&Cattle Wgns (2616)  (kit 36); 
MMT09A Shock Vans & Shock Wagons 1948-80s (2681)  (kit 36)
MMT084 BR Banana, Gunpowder, Palvans F (2624)  (kit 13); 
MMT565 BR 21t HTO & HOP Hoppers (2682)  (kit 16); 
MMT568 BR 21t Hoppers diag.1/146 bauxite F (2683)  (kit 19).

The following sheets can be used for lettering PECO kits:
MMT061 for kit KNR-207 16T Mineral Wagon;
MMT068 for kit KNR-252 BR 24T Mineral Wagon;
MMT067 for kits KNR-254, KNR-255 and KNR-256 Loco Coal Wagons.
MMT553 is suitable for Osborn's Models' LMS CCT kit.

Product Code MMT059