Bogies, Wheels, Couplers, Buffers, Reamers

See the Society Handbook or the Website for information about our bogies and buffers.

Bogies are supplied in pairs, with coupler sprues (see below), but without wheels, which need to be purchased separately.

See below for wheels stocked by the Shop.   Alternatively, for most bogies, suitable wheels are available from Parkside Dundas.  Or Bachmann/ Farish rolling stock wheels can be used.

As a general rule, freight wagon bogies were fitted with 3'1" diameter (6.2mm) wheels, or 2'8" (5.1 mm) for wagons that needed a lower ride.  Passenger bogies were usually equipped with 3'7" (7mm+) wheels.
As with all things, there were the occasional exceptions in size and type.