Bogie Pivots and Retaining Pins (NGSB0101) 4 pairs

Product code: NGSB0101

Sprue of 8 pivot assemblies, i.e. enough for four wagons, that will support all the Society’s range of bogies. Includes securing pins to hold the bogies on These are similar to those used in a number of Society kits whereby the bogie pivots have two ridges on the base plates so that, when the bogie pivots are attached with the ridges facing different ways at each end, you get a basic level of compensation. This product will be of use to scratch-builders as it saves having to fabricate the bogie pivot yourself.  Alternatively, if upgrading an existing model to use Society bogies, it saves having any difficulties trying to get the Society bogie to fit the existing bogie pivot.

Brand NGS Bogies
Product Code NGSB0101