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Wednesday 29-Mar-2017
We accept credit and debit cards and PayPal via our secure payment gateway.

Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Maestro welcomed

Credit card safe by Security Metrics

Use this facility to make a pre-arranged payment requested by the Society or agreed with a Society officer.  On checking out, please use the 'Additional info' box to state the reason for the payment, e.g. 'Back journals', 'Thompson balance', and/or the name of the officer concerned.

Please note that anyone wishing to collect their Thompson BG pre-order from the Stand at an exhibition must have paid for it in advance and given a minimum of 14 days notice, and of course stated the relevant exhibition (use the sub-heading available under the 'Post & Packing' category on the left).  (N.B. This supersedes the statement made in the Journal 5/16 newsletter, and has become necessary because of unforeseen developments since that newsletter went to press).

Amount payable (select pounds and and then pence and use the drop-down listings to arrive at the total amount payable):
Sundry payment £1 - £20Sundry payment £1 - £20
Sundry payment 1p - 20pSundry payment 1p - 20p
Sundry payment £21 - £40Sundry payment £21 - £40
Sundry payment 21p - 40pSundry payment 21p - 40p
Sundry payment £41 - £60Sundry payment £41 - £60
Sundry payment 41p - 60pSundry payment 41p - 60p
Sundry payment £61 - £80Sundry payment £61 - £80
Sundry payment 61p - 80pSundry payment 61p - 80p
Sundry payment £81 - £100Sundry payment £81 - £100
Sundry payment 81p - 99pSundry payment 81p - 99p

           Telephone : +44 (0) 151 606 4561 (Please remember we are volunteers on UK time!)